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Planning Services

Old School Heritage Solutions prepares research, documentation, and condition assessment reports to inform preservation design strategies or to buy time for future decision-making.



Save Money

Projects that don’t include relevant research or capture existing conditions can get caught up in regulatory review, miss critical details, and require costly re-design work. Planning is 'showing your math' and inspires trust with review bodies where external review is required. 

Create Possibilities

Investing in preservation planning can open the doors of possibility by revealing the many preservation design options that meet regulatory requirements, honor the building’s history, and meet the building owner’s goals. Without baseline research and documentation, design decisions are often made from a place of 'what we can’t do.' 

Buy Time

When project funding is not available, research and documentation can ‘buy time’ for future decision makers by establishing the significance of a historic building and capturing the condition and integrity at a moment in time.

Planning Documents

Example Deliverables

National Register of Historic Places Nomination

Condition Assessment

Character Defining Feature Inventory

'As-Found' Drawings 

Preservation Easement Inspection

Historic Material Analysis

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