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Design Services

Our design services will turn your preservation planning into a reality. We can provide treatment recommendations, scope development, regulatory ‘assessment of effect’ reports, feasibility studies, and much more.  Rather than 'throwing the book at it,' we cater our design services to the project need, finding the most efficient path to good design.  

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Save Time and Money

Detailed, visual, usable, field-ready documents minimize confusion between the building owner, project manager, and craftspeople, preventing costly, time-consuming mistakes.

Look Ahead

We not only provide the short-term, immediate treatment actions, but also build out a long-range vision for future projects and outline necessary preservation maintenance work that will protect your investment into the future.

Choose Wisely

We present owners with a range of preservation-friendly alternatives that includes a value analysis of each option to compare alternatives based on timelines, budgets, and objectives. 

Cut the Red Tape

Protect your project timeline by preparing an 'assessment of effect' to accompany your design documents to expedite review processes.  These documents facilitate the compliance process with federal level regulations, such as Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, all the way down to your local historic district ordinance. 

Design Documents

Example Deliverables

Preservation Maintenance Guide

Historic Structure Report

Feasibility Study 

Treatment Recommendations

Schematic Design Documents

Assessment of Effect 

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